Photography by Dan Weill. 

Each workshop has a bespoke zine and handout to go with it, alongside a secondary publication with documentation and feedback.


You can download a sample for personal use here. 

BOOT/LEG handout as printed and designed by my main collaborator Tommy Brentnall.

I work with adults, young people and children focusing on zine design and manufacture, and creative problem-solving activities.

I have designed my own workshops with brands and institutions such as Battersea Arts Centre, Spotlight and University of the Arts London. I have also worked as a freelance facilitator for other platforms such as Grrrl Zine Fair.

I am available to design and facilitate creative activities in both corporate and public contexts, and I also welcome charitable opportunities.

You can contact me about my creative workshop projects and portfolio,

alongside my references here.


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Illustration and Arts Education.

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